Celia Grace


Breathtakingly beautiful gowns with a purpose! Celia Grace is the first fair trade wedding gown designer in the United States, wearing a Celia Grace gown gives back to women around the world!

Sewing Dresses, Changing Lives
Fair Trade is a global movement to end poverty by giving you the ability to vote with your dollars for the kind of world you want–one where people are paid a living wage, work in safe and fair conditions, and can break the cycle of poverty.

Helping Women Around the World Help Themselves
Each Celia Grace wedding dress is exquisitely hand made by a group of highly talented and respected tailors.

Eco Beautiful Wedding Dresses
Did you know that most wedding dresses are made from petroleum-based polyester that pollutes our air, water, and earth? Celia Grace fabrics are handmade, natural fibers, or small-batch fabrics to reduce our environmental footprint.

Preserving Tradition with Every Stitch
The tradition of weaving silk dates back hundreds of years and is ingrained in the culture of Cambodia. Silk weaving has slowly been making a comeback since the Cambodian Genocide as surviving grandmothers teach their grandchildren the art form.


Be a part of something beautiful! Learn more here: http://www.celia-grace.com/