Concierge Bridal Appointments

Something Bleu now offers completely virtual bridal appointments Bridal appointments so brides can try on dresses in the comfort of their own homes!

About Virtual Concierge Bridal Appointments

What is a Virtual Concierge Bridal Appointment?

A Concierge Bridal Appointment is a completely remote bridal appointment – the gowns go straight to your home! By courier if you are within the greater Saratoga Area or by pick up if you are not within our radius.

What Days are the Virtual Concierge Bridal Appointments Available?

Each bride gets 24 hours with her dresses. We will do Concierge Bridal Appointments in two groups each week:

  • Saturday – Gowns are available for pick up only at 6:15 and need to be returned the following Monday at 11am
  • Weekdays – Concierge service within the greater Saratoga Area is available. Gowns are available for pick up and drop off during regular business hours

How does a Concierge Bridal Appointment Work?

1) You will have a 30-minute Zoom appointment with one of our Bridal Stylists to talk about you, your wedding, what look you think you want, etc. We’ll also walk you through our collection and help you choose up to 5 dresses for you to try on at home.

2) We will take a $150 deposit for each dress you’re trying on at home. All but $50 of this deposit is refunded when you purchase your gown with us. If you don’t purchase your gown with us, we will refund all but $150 of the deposit you make. At this time, we will also be putting your card on file to pay for any damages or gowns that are not returned to us.

3) A courier will bring you your 5 gowns to try on or you will stop into the store to pick up your gowns to take home!

4) You try on the gowns and choose the dress of your dreams! We recommend taking lots of photos of the one you love so that we can help you with sizing later. You can find resources on how to make a gown fit you below.

5) You get someone to help you take measurements with the provided tape measure and record them on the included measurement sheet. For safe keeping, we will also ask you to email us a photo of your measurements to Resources on how to take measurements are linked at the bottom of the page. You WILL need help – your measurements will not be accurate if you do them yourself!

6) The courier will return to pick up the dresses and your measurements or you will drop off the gowns a pre-arranged time.

7) You give us a call and we put together your special order and help you to size your dress over the phone. At this time we will take a 60% deposit for the order to be placed with the designer and refund you the dress deposits you made.

8) We sanitize everything and help more brides make their dress dreams come true!

Are there any restrictions?

Concierge delivery services are available for the greater Saratoga area and only during regular weekday hours.

A Pick-Up Concierge is available during regular business hours on weekdays and on Saturday evenings at 6:15pm.

Something Bleu Virtual Appointment Resources

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