How to Fit Gowns at Home

So you’re trying on your wedding gowns at home with our Concierge Bridal Appointments.

Most sample wedding dresses are going to be either too small or too big because finding a sample gown that’s juuuuuuust right is kinda like finding a unicorn.

We’ve sent a couple clips with your dresses. You can supplement these with other clips you have at home, like chip bag clips, woodworking clamps, etc. Please just check to make sure they’re clean with no sharp edges!

The basic idea behind clipping is to fit the dress to your bust, waist, and hips so you get a good idea what it will look like in your size and fitted perfectly to you! For sample wedding gowns that are too big, we recommend clipping the waist first so you make sure the dress is sitting in the right spot. For sample wedding dresses that are too small, we recommend wearing a bra so you can clip the top or sides of the dress to the bra to show off your figure in the gown.

Strapless dresses present their own unique problem. For too-large strapless dresses, cross the top of the dress across itself and clip, then clip the waist. For too-small strapless dresses, clip the top of the dress to your bra!

For more detailed instructions, watch the video below. Kathryn will go through how to clip gowns that are too large and too small, fitted, or strapless.

Video: How to Clip Gowns to Make Sample Dresses Fit at Home