The History of Something Bleu

Something Bleu Bridal originally started in the backroom of another store on Broadway in Saratoga Springs, NY, called The Bird of Paradise. Denise Eliopulos was the owner of “the Bird” and had been looking for a wedding gown for herself. After investigating all the possibilities for wedding dresses in the Capital Region – and after going to the biggest resource in NYC, Kleinfelds, where she still had no luck finding her dream gown – the seed of Something Bleu Bridal was born.

Denise was looking for something unique, timeless, and romantic. Then she happened to come across a European bridal magazine. What she saw on those pages really opened her eyes to many possibilities and the wheels started turning. At that time, Bird of Paradise was a very well known sports-wear boutique, which had started carrying some formal lines, such as Jessica McClintock and Dessy. These were brought in for proms…and weddings, but for the guests not the bride. 

Well, Denise fell in love with two different dresses from two different European designers in the pages of those magazines. So what do you do when you own a store and that happens? You buy both lines and cross your fingers that you sell what you don’t wear. And guess what? That’s exactly what happened out of that back room in The Bird of Paradise!

It was so successful, that Denise started dreaming bigger. The store next door to the Bird became available. “What if we put a hole in the wall between both stores and make it possible to go from one to the other without going back outside?” Denise thought. And that’s exactly what she did. Bird of Paradise remained a sportswear and formal store and Immortal Beloved became the name of the new bridal store next door!

A few years later Denise started thinking: what if she did only bridal and formal and got rid of sportswear? It’s very exhausting doing all the buying for all those different markets, and maybe it would be better to just concentrate on the bridal/formal aspect. Around that time, another space opened up off-Broadway at 75 Woodlawn Ave. 

The Elks had owned Grant Plaza for 100 years, but in the early 2000’s a well-known Saratoga developer, Bruce Levinsky, had purchased the Victorian mansion with plans to restore it to its former glory. The plan that he outlined for Denise about what he wanted to do to this space completely lined up with what Denise was envisioning for her bridal and formalwear stores. Bruce went on to win awards from the Preservation Society for the beautiful way in which 75 Woodlawn was restored. Immortal Beloved moved to the second floor of the Grant Plaza building of 75 Woodlawn Ave, while Bird of Paradise remained on Broadway.

Within the year, Denise decided to keep the formal lines of Bird of Paradise and move those to Immortal Beloved, closing the space on Broadway. She then changed the names of Immortal Beloved and Bird of Paradise to Something Bleu Bridal Salon. For the next 15 years, Something Bleu Bridal would offer Mother of the Bride/Groom,bridesmaids, party dresses, and wedding gowns in their romantic second-floor atelier-style salon. 

Eventually, Denise starts to feel that she would like to just concentrate on just wedding gowns. So…. eventually Saratoga Elegance purchased all the moms, bridesmaids and party dresses, moving that business downstairs to a related space at 75 Woodlawn, giving Something Bleu the opportunity to concentrate on only bridal. But Denise’s entrepreneurial spirit isn’t satisfied with only bridal gowns, so it isn’t long before a bridal accessory boutique is born, rounding out the experience at Something Bleu.

Denise by this time has been doing this for almost 40 years. So when two former brides of Something Bleu become friends with Denise, it isn’t long before it becomes clear the next age of Something Bleu is about to begin. 

In late 2018, Kathryn Metzler and Marissa Mackay finalized their purchase of Something Bleu. One of their first acts was to name Denise Creative Consultant and Fairy Godmother to Something Bleu Brides – past and present. Since then, not much has changed on the surface, with Kathryn and Marissa immediately opening their arms and hearts to all the Something Bleu, Immortal Beloved, and Bird of Paradise customers who have made this business so special over the past 40 years.